‘Egypt, roots of the Goddess’ 13 – 26 of October 2016

For all the women on this world who want to feel the connection with their own female power in a strong but kind, lovely and creative way………

Who also want to learn and to feel how powerful the sisterhood connection can be between women and how it can help you to be strong in your life like Nepfhtis helped her sister Isis in the struggle between Osiris and Seth…. ….

For this Madeline Taken and me, Yvon Taken, are organizing in October 2016 a very special tour to Egypt…..

‘ Egypt, roots of the Goddess’

Already beautiful women will join this tour like Tamara Beekmans from Vrouwenkracht Academie Holland.

It would be wonderful to do this tour with women all over the world.

We already know that this tour will have very special women healing qualities…..Are you join us……You are welcome!!

Love and Light, Madelinde & Yvon/Aset

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