The real interesting documentary of the interview with Mr. Horus about the life and his experiences with Omm Sety, Priestess of Abydos, will be published on Youtube by writer and documentary maker Asfraf Ashram Ezzat on 25 of March!!

Om Sety, the remarkable woman who once lived in Abydos and on whose ideas the House of Life in Abydos is built and the intense creation process of this centre in which Mr. Horus played a great rule, will make this documentary very, very interesting.

Mr. Ashraf Ezzat:

In a rare interview Mr. Horus, the native Egyptian apprentice and later assistant to Omm Sety, recalls his never heard before memories of the priestess of Abydos. Watch the short documentary that sheds the light on the last twenty years of the life of ‘Omm Sety’ in Abydos. Mr. Horus is revealing new information about her rituals as a temple priestess, her hidden discoveries and also her life dream and death wish.
The documentary will be live on YouTube and Vimeo on next Friday, March 25, 2016



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