She (kind of) rose from the dead, deciphered hieroglyphic inscriptions, brought offerings to the Gods of ancient Egypt and walked into their shrines barefoot. Omm Sety charmed snakes, healed the sick and mesmerized the world with the story of her love affair with King of Egypt, Sety I (who ruled around 1300 BC)
Watch my short documentary that sheds the light on the last twenty years of the life of ‘Omm Sety’ in Abydos. Mr. Horus is revealing new information about her rituals as a temple priestess, her hidden discoveries and also her life dream and death wish.

The interview with Mr. Horus was filmed in February 2015 in the ‘House of Life’ spiritual healing resort in the historical and tranquil village of Abydos in Upper Egypt.

Dear Mr Ashraf Ezzat,

Congratulations, you made an amazing documentary….

Creative, integrity and beautiful told!! The music on the background is beautiful and peaceful and supports the whole story…. It keeps your intention the whole time…. In fact It was to short I could have listen and watch to it much longer.

You created a beautiful and special historical story about Omm Sety in an amazing and special way.

It can travel into the world where many people are waiting to see it. Deep respect and much love from us, Horus and Yvon/Aset


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