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The House of Life is a hotel and healing centre in Abydos, Egypt. Our hotel offers rooms and is a perfect accommodation for tourists, a groups stay, courses, conferences and weddings. Our healing centre offers healing programs, courses and spiritual retreats. The House of Life is a ideal base for visiting the Sety I temple and the other archaeological sites in Abydos.

charming hotel in Abydos


Hotel House of Life is a charming accommodation in the village of Abydos, Egypt, Sohag. The hotel offers a comfortable stay for those who want to visit the archaeological sites of Egypt or who're looking for a relaxing holiday, a spiritual retreat, a spiritual experience or a simple overnight stay during a business trip.Read more about our Hotel

Timeless knowledge

Healing Centre

The House of Life Healing Centre is a centre for healing and education. The ancient Egyptians had extensive knowledge of medicinal herbs. They were also familiar with the qualities of etheric oils. The House of Life Healing Centre applies this timeless knowledge in its treatments and cures.

Read more about our Healing Centre

Omm Sety's love for Abydos. Horus & Aset telling their story 

The legacy of the legendary Omm Sety 

What makes the House of Life so unique is that it is built on the ideas of the legendary Dorothy Eady. Known in Abydos as Omm Sety. It was her wish to recreate a House of Life in Abydos in which ancient Egyptian medical knowledge could be documented, taught, practiced and remembered again.

Please listen and watch this special short documentary in which Horus from Abydos and the Dutch musictherapist Yvon Taken (Aset) telling their story how the House of Life became a reality. 

'Omm Sety's love for Abyos. Horus & Aset telling their story'

view inside
the rich history of Egypt

The temple of Sety I

The House of Life Hotel is located a stone’s throw away from the Sety I temple. The temple Omm Sety loved so deeply. It is one of the most significant, intriguing and well-preserved temples of Ancient Egypt. The temple is dedicated to Osiris and was built in the 19th dynasty by Pharaoh Sety I and completed by his son Pharaoh Ramses II. In the worship of the Osiris cult, Abydos was one of the major pilgrimage sites of Egypt. A pilgrimage every Egyptian hoped to accomplish once in his/her life.

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Abydos holy City of ancient Egypt 

Spiritual Pilgrimage

The beautiful temple of Sety I and the rich historical sites of Abydos make a visit to Abydos a very valuable experience and a reason to make a modern pilgrimage to this holy ancient city. The House of Life is a place where your spirituality can be develop. If you have the feeling you lost your path of Life? Come to Abydos. The temple will heal you and will show you your direction of life. 

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learn about ancient egyptian healing

Course Ancient Egyptian Healing

The House of Life is a place for education and offers the course Ancient Egyptian Healing. This course trains you to understand the way priests and priestesses of Ancient Egypt understood illness and how they treated it in their specific ways.

Read more about our Course Ancient Egyptian Healing

The spiritual Healing Programs of the House of Life 

Hathor Healing Programs

The House of Life Healing Centre offers besides spiritual healing programs like the Hathor Healing retreat, sand healing treatment and the Hathor Healing Voice also the Hathor Culture Journey. The programs include a stay in the House of Life in Abydos and treatments based on ancient Egyptian healing.

Read more about the

Hathor Healing Retreat

Hathor Culture Journey 

Egypt, Roots of the Goddess

Hathor Healing Voice Retreat

The Relaxation Retreat

Building Rainbow bridges

Foundation House of Life Abydos

The aim of the Foundation House of Life Abydos is to build rainbow bridges between the world and Egypt. It is an independent organization that supports social and cultural projects in the village of Abydos. It funds several aid projects for the benefit of the people of Abydos.

Read more about the Foundation House of Life Abydos

Expanding of the House of Life 

The House of Life wants to expand

Are you the investor we are looking for? 

Invitation to invest in the House of Life Abydos 

Do you have a strong connection with modern but even more so with ancient Egypt?

Are you interested in the spirituality of the ancient Egyptians and its powerful healing knowledge? 

Would you like to commit yourself through an investment to a special Hotel and Healing Center called the House of Life in Abydos Sohag?

A Hotel and Healing Center who became well known in and outside Egypt and is built on the legacy of the legendary Omm Sety?

Then maybe you are the investor we are looking for.

Which investors are we looking for?

We are looking for small and large investors who want to invest at least € 25,000 until € 300,000, - 

What can we offer you?

We offer you an annual rent of 7% of your investment.

We offer you a 50% discount if you stay in the House of Life for any 2 persons and a child. This offer is valid all year round.

We offer you to build your own apartment in the House of Life.   

Please read here why the House of Life want to expand:

Please read here our example of the investment contract 1: 

Please read here our example of the investment contract 2:

Are you interested and you want more information please contact us: 

Email: info@houseoflife.info 

Aset and Horus from Abydos 

Prices & Currency

Prices are in US Dollar. It's also possible to pay with Euros or Egyptian Pounds. Please fill in the booking form. The price in euros will be calculated and appear. We use the exchange rate of the dollar to the euro as it is at the moment we receive your booking request.

Prices peak season: October 1th 2023 until May 1th 2024 in dollar: 

Single room

Price per person per night:
Bed & Breakfast: $ 107
Half board: $ 112
Full Board: $ 120 

Double room

Price for 2 persons per night:
Bed & Breakfast: $ 159
Half board: $ 177
Full Board: $ 195  

Prices low season May 1th 2024 until October 1 th 2024 in dollar: 

Single room

Price per person per night:
Bed & Breakfast: $ 90
Half board: $ 95
Full Board: $ 103

Double room

Price for 2 persons per night:
Bed & Breakfast: $ 134
Half board: $ 152
Full Board: $ 170  

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