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Course Ancient Egyptian Healing

The House of Life offers the Course Ancient Egyptian Healing. Ancient Egyptian Healing is a three years course that trains you to understand the way priests and priestesses of Ancient Egypt understood illness and how they treated it in their very specific ways. In present day terms, we would call these methods holistic.

Spiritual healing methods 

Gods and Goddesses

The course with its initiation ceremonies opens up the secrets of Ancient Egyptian spirituality and enables you to acquire the abilities to discern the energies of diverse Neters which in modern words are the Gods and the Goddesses. Healing methods and applications (how and when to use them) are taught. Besides learning the use of herbs, massages, sacred essential oils, meditations and the healing rituals, one’s own new spiritual directions will reveal themselves. This enriches and deepens self-knowledge and insight in one’s position in the world’s life cycle processes which are really unique. 

set your inner processes in motion

Three separate parts devide over three years 

The training/course is offered in three separate parts of three weeks deep retreat devide over three years. Each three weeks retreat ends with its own initiation ceremony. These added skills will be of great advantage if you already work as a therapist, coach, psychotherapist, psychologist or psychiatrist and you have the wish to gaine more spiritual unique knowledge and you want to work as a certified spiritual healer. The deep knowledge of the ancient Egyptians about the emergence of diseases will open inside you a complete new view how to support the mental health of your cients.

If this is not your intention than the training showed us over the years that it has a great personal value for the physical, emotional and spiritual development of our participants. The course is specifically adapted to each participant and sets one’s unique inner processes in motion.

Temples and powerful Earth energy sites 

Ancient temples and powerful places

The visits to and reconnection with ancient temples and powerful earth energy sites is an important part of the course and training. For this reason you will travel to and will visit during each retreat of three weeks at least one of these powerful places like Abydos, which is the area of Osiris – Achmoenihien, which is the area of Thoth – Aswan which is the aria of Khnum and Abu Garab which is the area of the Sun temples and who is strongly connected with Osiris as well as with Abydos.

Readers Ancient Egyptian Healing 

Education & Coaching

During the training Ancient Egyptian Healing the following information is available;  

* Course I 'Medicines in ancient Egypt’

* Course II ‘Magic in ancient Egypt’

* Course III ‘Religion in ancient Egypt’

The information is written by Horus in cooperation with Aset and accompanies each part of the total course.

The book 'Abydos, the Great Healing Temple of Ancient Egypt, teachings from the priests & priestesses in the past' written by Erica Rijnsburger and Horus from Abydos will help you to understand why King Sety I built his Healing Temple at Abydos.  

The Course Ancient Egyptian Healing includes a coaching program which starts as soon we ave received the complete answerds of the questionaire The dream of the Past. 

The coaching will go on until at least forty days after the participant traveled back home.   

Our work will continue Forty days

Organization & Supervision  

The Course Ancient Egyptian Healing part I - II - III will be coordinated and organized by Aset. The processes of the participants during the three weeks retreat in the House of Life will be guided, will be coached and supervised by Aset as well as Horus from Abydos. You need this time to deal with all the personal themes and issues. Till forty days after each initiation ceremony Horus and Aset continue to work with you on soul level on distance. 

I feel so enormously supported by my Soul

Expierences and reviews 

Horus from Abydos and Aset have been closely involved with Ancient Egyptian Healing since 2008. A healing training that initiates an in-depth transformation process for the student. Many times deeper than any healing training can offer because Abydos is simply a Star Gate. An energy gate that transforms everything many times faster and deeper. A process that is difficult to describe in words. That is why we are very grateful to Tamara Beekmans, founder of the Women's Power Academy in the Netherlands, for the description of her experiences and her review.

"Soon I can go back to ancient Egypt for year 2 of my 3-year course in Ancient Egyptian Healing. This time we will start in Cairo which I find extremely exciting. Going inside the pyramids, visiting other temples along the Nile, feeling, discovering, learning to observe on a soul level and doing rituals and meditations there. My soul longs for silence ... and waits patiently. But within me everything is already preparing and preparing for this next step in my life.

Last October after the first training trip so much shifting and cleaning up took place in me.

I feel that we will now touch an entirely different layer in me. And not to mention the healings that I will undergo. Nice to already rejoice and share in this great internal adventure.

The wonderful thing is that I can very well translate this wisdom to the West and at the 3d and 5th level so that within my education that I teach I can also pass on this precious pure knowledge and wisdom that originally came from Atlantic times.

It is mainly about making the ego aware and learning to keep it under control and to live from your body and soul. That your body is a temple in where your soul lives. But the training of Ancient Egyptian Healer goes even deeper than we Westerners can imagine. It is a completely different world that is not unknown to me, where I can use my healer qualities that I received at birth even more consciously through this floor and what I can awaken as a Healer from my past lives through this training, as if internal doors are opening and my clairvoyance is becoming even stronger. I feel that my power is increasing and how easy it is that my life is becoming so that I can now make very large choices for myself and the Women's Power Academy these months. 

I feel so enormously supported by my soul, by the spiritual world, my search, the cosmos, the universe, Mother Earth and the magical life itself. I have let go of a lot that does not fit with this vibration and that I cannot stop myself in this process. In addition, I clearly stay very grounded, feet on the ground, good in my body and sober and critical, so that I as a Westerner can integrate it all so well into the here and now. 

The guidance of Horus from Abydos and Aset ( Yvon Taken ) is loving, yet (sometimes also) strict but very fair, all very conscious to guide you through processes because your ego can take a walk with you because you are totally out of your comfort zone. 

I have also experienced all openness and that everything is negotiable and very honest. One of the biggest gifts in my life is this 3-year course. I sincerely hope that this may become more known, so that more people can wake up and start to live from their souls and qualities and live from them in the West.

I fully say YES to this great adventure.


X Tamara,  founder of the Women's Power Academy in the Netherlands"

Dates and Fees Courses 2020

July 9th - July 30th 2020

October 8th - Oktober 29th 2020 

Dates and Fees Courses 2021

July 9th - July 30th 2021

October 7th - Oktober 28th 2021 

Each part of the three weeks Course Ancient Egytptian Healing can take place if there are minimum two and maximum eight participants.

The Course Ancient Egyptian Healing I - II - III is offered full board single room. It includes all the hotel accommodation, travel program, transport, visa, temple tickets, tips and the complete coaching and training program before and afterwards.

Each part of the course and training can be payed separate. The fee of each course/training is devided into two parts, the fee for accommodation and the travel program and the fee for the coaching and the training program.  

Fee for accomodation & traveling program: €2680, - (euro) or  $ 3000, - (us)
Fee for coaching and the training program: € 3820, - (euro) or $ 4245, - (us)

In total € 6500, - ( euro) or $ 7225, - (us) 

The fee of the complete three years Course Ancient Egyptian Healing ( part I - II - III ) is € 19.500, - ( euro ) or $ 21,666, - (us) 

By registration for the complete three years Course Ancient Egyptian Healing we're offering 10% discount on the total fee. The discount will be deducted from the cost of training program of part III.     

The fee does not include airfare and travel cancellation and travel insurance.

Important note: 

We are following the policy that 6 % of the coaching and training fee of every participants will be saved to give it as a discount for the one who is not in the financial position to pay the complete fee for the coaching and training program. 

Itinerary Course Ancient Egyptian Healing 

The course Ancient Egyptian Healing includes a training program in the House of Life as well as a travel program through Egypt. 

Day 1
Arriving Luxor. In Luxor we will stay three nights.

Day 2
We will visit the Valley of the Kings and the Temple of Hatshepsut.

Day 3
We will visit the impressive Temple of Karnak. We will meditate in the chapel dedicated to the Goddess Seghmet. After lunch we visit the Temple of Mut. After a break and diner we will visit the Luxor Temple by evening. 

Day 4 

In the morning we will leave to Abydos. On our way to Abydos we will visit the Temple of Hathor in Dendera. 

Day 5 - 10
We will visit and stay in the Temple of Sety and the Ramsess II Temple. We will meditate in the Horus and Isis/Hathor chapels of the House of Life and will work on our  processes. There are daily meetings where information will be shared and the individual processes will be supervised. This will be done under the supervision of Yvon/Aset and Horus. There are massages, foot baths, healing and rituals. 

Day 11, 12 and 13
We go to Aswan and stay there for two nights. We will visit Elephantine Island and the temple of Khnum to do the connection ritual there. In the afternoon we will visit the island of Philae, the Temple of Isis.

Ps. Did the connection ritual in Aswan already took place then we will use these three days to travel to Tel El Amarna to visit the land of Achnaton for making the connection ritual in Achmoenihien. 

Day 14 - 21
We stay in the House of Life in Abydos and continue working on our individual process. The initiation will take place on day 19.

Day 22
Leaving to the airport of Luxor.

Abu Garab

The travel program will start in Cairo when Abu Garab is on the program.

Day 1   

Arriving Cairo. In Cairo we will stay three nights.

Day 2 

Visiting the grand museum of Cairo. In the afternoon the step piramide of Djoser and the Serapeum.

Day 3  

Visiting the great piramid and the Sphinfx. In the afternoon Abu Garab to do the connection ritual. 

Day 4

On our way to the House of Life at Abydos. 

During the stay in the House of Life ancient Egyptian treatments are available including body massages with the holy oils, foot baths and foot massage, sound healing and cleaning rituals.

We reserve the right to change the itinerary.

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