experiences over the years 


We have welcomed and worked with many guests in the House of Life over the past 15 years. First in the old House of Life and since 2015 in the current beautiful hotel and healing center House of Life. A lot of experiences have been gained.

To this day, we are grateful for the trust we have received from our guests. To this day, we are grateful for everything we have learned from them and what we use to assist our future guests. This is an endless mutual learning process......

On this page we have collected the experiences of our guests over the years. They give you an insight into how the stays and programs in the House of Life have been experienced over the years. We start in 2009 and end in 2023. We hope you enjoy reading........

great experiences with many special impressions

Ancient Egyptian Healing 2009

I was introduced to Ancient Egyptian Healing for three weeks. A wonderful experience with many special impressions. Seen a lot of ancient Egypt; interspersed with all kinds of insights into current Egypt and how the people there live now.

I enjoyed the beautiful collaboration between Yvon/Aset and Horus. Aset, as the loving musical Dutch woman with a beautiful voice, whose heart seems to lie in Egypt and where she feels completely at home.

Horus with the surprises he had in store for us every day; the variety in how he shaped his person. One moment as an Egyptian; the next as a more western-oriented man; always full of humor and with unprecedented modesty; last but not least in the person of Horus, during rituals and initiations. I feel deep respect for his 'being'. I feel like a privileged person that I was able to get to know them.

They have ensured that I have been able to clarify my personal link with Ancient Egyptian Gods; which provides insight into your own processes. With the intention to promote the connection with age-old knowledge and the energy of Thoth in my practice, I would like to sign as one of the friends of the House of Life!”

Ita Koning Netherlands

we experience various ancient Egyptian cleansing rituals

Course Ancient Egyptian Healing 2009

A diary entry... The mountains around the Valley of Kings are like sand sculptures. In a moment of silence they speak to age-old feelings.

Arrive in Abydos. A house on a square in the middle of the village: The House of Life. It's already dark. From the roof terrace I look at the illuminated temple of Sety I, where I will meditate frequently in the coming weeks. The children outside wave and shout their welcome upstairs, while I breathe in the village atmosphere and surrender to it. The buzz of evening sounds, the call to prayer from the minarets, the whooping of the donkeys, honking cars, camels trudging along unperturbed, dogs barking, people everywhere. The sometimes intense and always fascinating street scene for three weeks. Have I stepped into a Bible story?

Coming home to the temple. Barefoot. The soft, lukewarm stone absorbs me. I explore the temple by walking along its boundaries, from chapel to chapel. One space feels light, the other heavy; one chapel provides peace, the other unrest. They will tell me something of their story in their own way. I often feel tranquility and reverence when I enter.

And behind the temple the Osirion; a wonderful and sacred place on the edge of the desert to meditate, listen to the bird sounds, bask in the warmth of the sun. After exploring this temple site in our own way, Yvon gives us information about the temple that leaves me speechless... After Luxor and Karnak, this is my first more intimate introduction to ancient Egyptian culture. It touches me deeply and will do so many more times these weeks.

Giggles and laughter when trying on our jallabijas. At first awkward for my Western view, it soon becomes a safe, free and powerful feeling to put on my jallabija and walk to the temple to meditate. We meditate in the morning in our own way and in our own chosen places in the temple or Osirion. This happens in the afternoon with the guidance of Horus and Yvon. Images come and go during the meditations. Wonderful! We conclude the afternoon meditation in the Hall of Hope with a beautiful sound concert by Yvon or singing (over)tones together. Sometimes one of us lies in the middle; a very special, penetrating experience. There is a lot of singing in the “House” with Yvon's guitar and vocals.

In the House of Life we experience various ancient Egyptian cleansing rituals, receive massages and foot baths with pure oils and in the temple we attend the first initiation of two of our group members who are training to become Ancient Egyptian Healers. Every few days we have an individual conversation with Horus and Yvon about our experiences, our meditations with the images, thoughts and feelings. Illuminating, rich conversations. The involvement of the group members in everyone's process is special. We share in each other's personal development and respect everyone's individuality.

Our excursions are varied, versatile and fascinating. The temples of Karnak and Luxor, the souk, the temples of Hatshepsut and the temple of Hathor in Dendera. The visit to the alabaster workshop, the weaving mill, the sugar factory, the many Egyptian tea and coffee tents and eateries…. Life really gets going in the evening. There is plenty of trading going on in the streets. Through Horus we visit places where tourists do not often go. This is how we drive and walk through real Egyptian life. Colorful and busy, very penetrating and yet so simple. Poverty but not hunger.

With our bus and private driver we drive through the desert to El Minja. What an immense world. Tombs deep in the mountains where we meditate. We visit the area of Akhenaten and Thoth, the palace and the temple of Nefertiti. We see drawings from the Egyptian book of the dead, the mummi of Isidora and a well. What a wonderfully impressive journey this has been.

Ineke van Sterkenburg Netherlands

open up to my talents again

Hathor Healing Retreat 2009

“As a down-to-earth Dutch lady, I made this spiritual journey to Egypt together with my friend Angela. The group consisted of 7 people. Each with their own goal. My goal was to boost my spirituality; I had dozed off a bit due to unpleasant private circumstances.

The warmth and intense involvement of Horus and Yvon/Aset made me dare to open up to my talents again. In other words: dusting off the BA (soul) and allowing myself to be brought into balance with the KA (ego, personality, aura). This process took place through meditations, rituals, massages and conversations. The three weeks were just long enough to experience and integrate this process. First, a lot of old pain came loose, which gave me the space to start using my 'Gifts' better. An evaluation took place with Horus and Yvon every three days.

Horus went every night to the desert to the Gab, a place of power, to meditate on all our questions and to receive enormous wisdom. The answers were often surprisingly clear and correct. To support us, Yvon/Aset regularly gave sound healings in the temple. Massages and hot foot baths! Spartan, but with a lot of humor and solidarity from the group, every 'narrow passage' became a test to be proud of. Many thanks for this. The inner journey was unforgettable.”

Thea Tump Netherlands

I knew exactly, this is where I have to go

Hathor Healing Retreat 2009

Somewhere around the middle of 2009, things were going so bad for me that I shouted out into the universe “HELP”. “Bad” means that I have difficulty standing and walking, my body moves in spasms, that I have lost control over my body and, above all, I have lost confidence in my body.

That same day I called the always busy Yvon, whom I haven't seen or spoken to for a long time. Yvon is free that day and we can make time for coffee. I drove to Yvon on my mobility scooter and Yvon has a wonderful story for me about her Egypt, Her Abydos and her decision to invest in the House of life and organizing trips.

At first I was skeptical and, quite appropriately, I dug in my heels. Still, I take the leaflet and let it sink. That same day, it dawns on me that this is an answer to my “HELP”! I call Yvon and tell her she wants to come along. But is this also possible with a wheelchair? No problem, there are always solutions. My spiritual journey has begun! Because I have had bad experiences with wheelchairs and sand, I decide that I do not want to need the wheelchair. Something is happening to me from the moment I sign up for this trip.

In the meantime I have also made contact with Horus and Yvon, I am very much looking forward to the trip and Yvon asks if it would be possible without a wheelchair, because this is not easy. So nice that she asked that, because it was being worked on. I already received a very special email from Horus, about the Ancient Egyptian view of soul life and the battle/balance between the BA and the KA. This is not yet easy. The Ka is the soul that wants to return to the earth and the Ba is the soul that is always there, that remains when your body has already died. For me, the Ka had completely taken over and in this way ensured that my Ba could not move. Literally, during those difficult times I often said, “It seems as if everything I want is not allowed or does not work out.” So my Ka had become the boss, and the balance had to be found again. And I'm not even in Egypt yet..! So the trip had already started long before we boarded the plane in Amsterdam!

Then we arrive in Luxor and Horus is waiting for us, in the wonderfully warm Egyptian evening air. Such a special moment..! That was a very safe feeling. A warm blanket around my painful and tired body. The hotel was fine, the bazaar was bizarre and funny at the same time. My first experience with bidding and haggling. It will take a few days, but then I dare to do it! Everyone had fun and tried not to interfere at my “friendly” request. The next day we go to the Valley of the Kings. Never expected it to look like this. In my memory or imagination, it wasn't that neat but of course it was made that way for the tourists. For some reason I had to see Tutangamon's Tomb. I've been in this alone. I don't know why, but I was overcome with emotion there. I became very sad and also anxious there. Unfortunately, there was quite a pushy guard, who realized a bit late that I wanted to feel and was not that interested in his story.

Later on the journey home, I saw another book about him and again those same sad emotions. Then we go to Abydos, quite a journey, but it goes by quickly, there is a lot to see, and I start to get the feeling that I know where I am going and that I know what I want. That is a new feeling for me. I immediately feel at home in Abydos. It's wonderful to have a house where it's nice and cozy and everything is not perfect and as it should be. But it is good there and we are received with such love.

Then Horus takes us to the temple and behind the temple in the shadows Horus tells the story about Osiris, and I was sold, this place here where everything comes together, this is my story, this is what I have always known, always have believe it, it exists! The dreams I had as a child about large churches” with very thick columns, everything is correct. In the temple is a place where I feel so at home, that I feel like pouring my heart out and I can't stop it, all the tears come out from the deepest part of me, from who knows how many lives. And afterwards I feel fine. There is no special temple, it is as if all the gods welcome me, I feel fine with everyone. I feel the difference as soon as I cross the threshold, very bizarre. I learn to choose for myself there. And discover that I can support my own choice and not worry about what others think, because you don't know and it's up to them. I'm learning to say it if I don't agree with something or don't like it. Just because of the situations that exist. I'm also learning that I don't have to be nice to everyone. Because my thoughts run away with that kindness and it bothers me again. It's unbelievable how much you learn, and it just happens. 

Horus and Yvon's honesty in this is great. What also really stayed with me, that strong feeling, that I knew exactly, this is where I have to go, now we have to move on, now it's done. That's normally not for me, I have doubts and often get stuck everywhere, but there it was as if something strong had woken up in me and just took over.

My body is doing fine, I don't suffer from spasms or fatigue. I am doing so wonderfully well that I even forget to take my medication and later even stop taking it on Horus's advice. I really feel like someone who gets up, takes up his bed and walks.

My Ka was still struggling quite a bit, because when something happened that I wanted, something happened in my body and my body worked against me. Saying stop was quite a job. Above all, do it. Normally you would say, listen to your body. For me it became completely different and my body went astray. I learned to listen in a completely different way. And above all, learn to respond very differently.

I feel completely at ease in the land of Thoth and there too I have the feeling that I know where I should be and that I have been there before. I have a thing for the baboon, it's good to hear from Horus that I belong to Thoth and have previously worked as Hero Tiep. By hearing how they lived, my life now completely falls into place and I understand myself, that I am the way I am. And so it is true that I feel at home with all the gods and goddesses.

In the meantime it is already a few months later and I am back from Egypt. The longer I am home, the happier I am that I made this decision and made this trip. Slowly but surely I understand better how the Ba and the Ka work and above all I feel so happy! I don't know what to call it exactly, there's just no good word for very special.

In October I will start training to become an Ancient Egypt Healer and I am already looking forward to it. To see everyone again, the wonderful warmth, and especially to learn and be even more in the temple of Abydos and the Osirion where I feel so at home. Oh yes, I almost forgot, but I no longer need the wheelchair and the mobility scooter, and every walk I take is a gift to me. Thank you very much Yvon/Aset and Horus!

Jozé Weultjes Netherlands

I am still free of complaints, I no longer use any medication and I am full of energy.

Sand healing treatments

Personal experiences of Jozé Weultjes about her sand healing 2010 - 2011 - 2012 - 2013

My name is Jozé Weultjes, I have become ill since 2003. I had suffered a kind of Tia, which caused me to be treated by a neurologist who discovered that I was spastic and the cause probably ran in the family (ADCA). So nothing could be done about this and I would only deteriorate. In addition, a rheumatologist had also diagnosed fibromyalgia, all conditions that cannot be helped. Five years later I was already using a mobility scooter and I took the wheelchair with me on occasions where I knew in advance that this would require walking. I could still walk, but it all took a long time and was slow. I was completely disapproved of my work. Especially because I also had severe concentration problems.

Through Yvon Taken (Aset) I heard about Abydos, the temple of Sety I and the special healings that took place in Abydos Egypt. At first I was very skeptical and really thought “something like this is also possible in the Netherlands”. Since I had asked the universe for help, I gambled that this might be the answer. I went to Egypt with all the suspicion a person could have. How surprised I was to find the place where I came Home. Horus and Aset (Yvon Taken) have worked for me with all respect and I have been given the opportunity to deal with my illness and my body differently, and especially to restore the balance between body, mind and soul.

I learned that there is a power within myself that could make me better and it worked. Two months after my Egypt trip I had to go to the neurologist for a check-up. There was still a spasm, but I had become so much stronger that it no longer bothered me. I got the courage to throw out the wheelchair and mobility scooter. Work was not yet allowed, because the doctor was afraid of a relapse.

The following year I went to Egypt/Abydos again, this time for a sand healing. This comes from a feeling that it would be good for me. A few months after my first trip, the pain (fibromyalgia) slowly started to return, and I wanted to do something about it before it got worse. There were people who said “well then you can also go to a sauna”, but now I know that this cannot be compared to a sauna! I was suspected of having a cerebellar disease, ACDA, and they also thought I might have fibromyalgia. In any case, I had difficulty walking and was always in pain and suffered from frequent spasms. I didn't want this again! So I decided to go for a sand healing treatment.

It was exciting, because around 5 or 6 o'clock in the afternoon a car pulls up and you are taken to the desert where the right place and the right sand are carefully selected. You will then be buried in the sand with the same loving attention. I loved this, I didn't know I was so cold inside. It was 43°C outside and the sand felt wonderful around my body, just a nice warm blanket. Then a process slowly starts that will affect you. Personally, I ended up in a deep meditation in which I received visions that provided clarity about the process I was currently in. I also started to remember things from past lives. My body reacted very violently, I completely lost the strength in my arms and legs and at first I thought “this will never be okay again!”

Afterwards I was very well looked after, even though I was completely revolted and confused. The next day around 5 o'clock we went back to the desert, a new place with even better sand had been found. I still had trouble getting up afterwards, but I no longer lost the strength in my arms and legs. After each treatment I was able to get out of the sand better and I felt myself getting stronger. The treatments were also now supplemented with intense massages in the House of Life by Horus and Aset. I was given oil to take home to continue this at home.

Four years later I am still free of complaints, I no longer use any medication and I am full of energy. My leg is still spastic, but it no longer bothers me because I am much stronger. I have lost a few kilos and they are still coming off without me paying attention. Now, if I'm busy for a day, I recover in no time. I haven't had a single morning where I couldn't feel my legs and arms. I also ran two four-day races, in Barchem 4 times 20 km and in Nijmegen 4 times 40 km. I also walked an 80 km tour. I couldn't have thought of this before, it used to take me an hour to cover 500 meters when I had a bad day. The wheelchair and mobility scooter have now been sold out for a long time. What happens in Abydos really helps. My doctors are all enthusiastic and call it a spectacular improvement.

Unfortunately, it is not yet reimbursed by insurance, because the spa trips have been removed from the package. I hope they change their minds and it comes back, because I have become a much cheaper client in the meantime. In fact, the spa trip is cheaper than all the annual costs they would otherwise incur for me. The adjustments to our home also did not go ahead, the stair lift did not have to be installed. 

Jozé Weultjes Netherlands

An hour in the sand has more effect than a whole day in the sauna

Sand healing treatment 2012

My stay in Abydos Egypt. Experiences of the Hathor Health Sandtreatments by Antje de Groot. 

Now that it is winter here in the Netherlands, it is bleak and hailing, my thoughts often go back to last summer when I lay in the sand in the desert of Abydos at 47 °C (it is a nice dry heat) for a sand healing treatment. Cures in Egypt are done in a special type of sand and in the desert of Abydos you can find this special type of sand. The minerals in the sand combined with the heat have a powerful effect on the body and are beneficial for rheumatic diseases, muscle complaints and obesity. It cleanses physically but certainly also mentally and spiritually.

Around 5 o'clock in the afternoon we went by car to the desert where employees of the House of Life had already dug a hole the previous day and so the sand had been warmed for 24 hours in the sun. We lay down in the sand and were covered with a layer of sand. With an umbrella over our heads and a shawl around our hair, we lay in the sand for an hour. If there was a fly or we shed a tear, it was difficult to keep it up, there was always someone around who lovingly helped you, sang to you or talked to you.

After the hour we got out of the sand and were given a woolen blanket because you wouldn't believe it, it is so cold at 47 °C when you get out of the sand. We drank 3 glasses of herbal tea each time and then returned to the House of Life to shower and rest. Massages with pure essential oils were offered during the day and mint foot baths with semi-bar herbs in the evening.

An hour in the sand has more effect than a whole day in the sauna. After the first time I was very tired when I came out of the sand due to the multitude of toxins that were released... and what a difference when I came out of the sand the last time, fit, free and tidy. And even better how visibly the result was noticed by others when they returned home. Two years later I am still pain free, without pain medication and I no longer need medication for asthma and diabetes. Any diabetes control is good and my weight and size are still greatly reduced.

I have now also followed and completed the Ancient Egyptian Healing Course. I have become so much more powerful!

Antje de Groot Netherlands 

Experienced staff was always there for me and they took good care of me

Hathor Healing Retreat 2012

Abydos is one of my favorite places in all of Egypt and it was always my wish to stay there longer. In recent decades I have acquired a lot of knowledge about Ancient Egypt. But since 2007, there has been a desire to go deeper and feel the real truth behind it. So I was really excited when I found the House of Life in Abydos.

While I had just retired in August 2012, the Hathor Healing Retreat under the guidance of Horus and Aset became an initiation into a new cycle. Participating in this retreat was a wonderful, moving and surprising experience. Under the supervision and expert guidance of Horus and Aset, I was able to feel the energy of the Gods and Goddesses in the temple of Seti I, and how this resonated within myself. Meditating in the chapels and halls of the temple helps me to go very deeply; long forgotten and suppressed feelings and emotions emerged and were healed. One of the most moving experiences was discovering the reason for a deep sadness that I had carried with me for decades. Healing this grief was a life-changing experience. I received very clear images and messages.

Every evening I had a personal conversation with Horus and Aset where we discussed my experiences and how I can integrate them into my life. Rituals were done to support, protect and strengthen me during the process and its follow-up.

I also really appreciated Aset's sound healing sessions at the House of Life. Abydos and the House of Life are beautiful places and provided the space to develop my abilities and qualities and to sharpen my perception. Experienced staff was always there for me and they took good care of me. I am very grateful to have participated in the Hathor Healing Retreat. I was nourished and healed on a soul, spiritual and physical level. I look forward to having the opportunity to participate in another retreat or workshop. Thank you!!!

Leone Strizik Austria

A journey to understand healing experiences from past lives

Ancient Egyptian Healing Course 2022

By Irene van den Oever Founder of the Mystery School in the Netherlands.

My name is Irene van den Oever. I am the founder of the Sirius Mystery school in the Netherlands. In this story I want to share with you my experiences with the Ancient Egyptian Healing course that I followed in October 2022 at the House of Life in Abydos. How did I end up in Egypt?

Well, during a meditation in the Netherlands I received a message. It was a calling of my soul to go to Abydos. My main goal was to heal myself on a very deep level.

For me the course was a journey. A journey to understand healing experiences from past lives, on an adventure in deep transformation processes, guided and supported by Horus and Aset of Abydos. They provided a safe environment that allowed me to dive deep. And the result of the course is that I feel renewed, reborn, both personally and spiritually and that my life as a healer and teacher in the Sirius Mystery school fits in much better with my soul mission on a much deeper level.

The Ancient Egyptian Healing Course can help you become a powerful healer through a purification of your soul, because healing the past can change your future.

Irene van den Oever Netherlands 

internal journey of fundamental importance for oneself.

Course Ancient Egyptian Healing 2022

Abydos Experiences by Eleonora Vittorini Orgeas

In 2022 a special meeting marked my destiny: a person I met by chance told me about a very particular place in Egypt, precisely in Abydos. It was then that I became curious and looked at the "House of Life" website and one course in particular "resonated" with me: Ancient Egyptian Healing, a healing journey in the Land of the Pharaohs. The following year I left.

Guides & Teachers

The first ‘guide & teacher’ who welcomed me was Aset. She led me and my travel companions through Temples and sacred places of Ancient Egypt and what struck me was the initial indication she gave us: "feel the emotions that move within each place we visit ”. That was the confirmation that I was in the right place. I arrived in Egypt carrying with me the load of my fears, my doubts, full of questions about myself and my life mission. I was doing a job that didn't satisfy me even though it was what I had studied for so many years. I had emerged from a series of romantic disappointments due to dysfunctional relationships with emotionally avoidant men. I was carrying on my body the "scourge" of psoriasis that had been with me for 15 years. In all of this, for a couple of years I had begun to understand that the only interest that made me feel alive was Art but I didn't know if it was part of my life mission and, in any case, how I could achieve it. I was lost.

The second ‘guide & teacher’ gave me a further indication. Horus, this was his name, told us that as guides and teachers they would show us specific practices and rituals for our healing, but WE had to do the work, the internal one. The basis of the Course took place in Abydos, an extremely sacred place with very high energy, precisely to allow us practitioners to speed up the work and amplify the effects of the practices.

In retracing my experience, I can say that I have experienced a sacred journey starting from my Hell, up to my Paradise passing through my personal Purgatory. All in 21 days in total, exactly 7 days for each phase: 7 days for 3 crucial moments, two sacred numbers that meet. This confirms that the case does not exist!

Ability to 'see'

Horus has the extraordinary ability to "see", so much so that he "saw" me in photos before even meeting me and also "saw" my new face when I arrived in my Paradise. From the beginning of the journey I came into contact with my shadows, I took hold of my internal knots to try to understand their origin and definitively untie them. With Aset I performed meditation practices and rituals, all with one purpose: to heal.

In reality, I didn't know what I should do exactly, what direction I should take. I only knew that I was lost, I knew my pain but I had no expectations on how to heal them. My guides & teachers showed me my personal block to focus on, but the work, the essential work on me, should have been done by me.

Emotional visions

Yet in that sacred logo in which all my sensations were amplified, signals arrived in the form of "emotional visions" inside the temples and particular events coming from the outside world. Those small switches, those fundamental moments of change, led me to the final enlightenment with which I came to an awareness that, yes, I had been told, but which I had never really internalized: I had the power and the responsibility over what it was happening in my life and, in particular, on the first big obstacle that had been blocking my path for too long. If I had worked on myself from that, my inner energy would have changed and with that, also what I would have attracted into my life.

Not only. At the end of the journey, the Guides & Teachers Horus and Aset, after observing me, told me that I had the ability to heal through Art and that they would also be close to me in the days following my return to accompany me in this New Beginning.

The Universe took care

I therefore returned home with a great wealth of emotions and experiences and above all with a great awareness which, however, in practice I didn't know exactly how to use. The Universe took care of it for me. From that moment, in fact, without "lifting a finger", my life changed, almost turned upside down.

A month after my return to Italy I suddenly lost my job. It was a blessing. Not only. A few days before I realized that the man I had been with for some time, in reality, was not the good and honest person I thought. He was a godsend.

My first impact with these first changes was actually one of great shock, yet Aset did not think so. Her reaction was: “Great to hear this, it's perfect in time”. And indeed it was like that.

With the knowledge that I was solely responsible for my life and had great healing power over me, I began to embrace these opportunities with confidence and allowed other changes to come.

Today, a year later

Today, a year later, I do a job that allows me to work fully with Art which is taking up more and more space in my life, also through new and unthinkable forms of expression. After 15 years, the psoriasis I had on different parts of my body and which reflected my profound inability to express myself, suddenly healed with a certain disbelief of medical professionals. Furthermore, some time after my return, I met people with a spiritual experience similar to mine, some even with previous contacts with Egypt, and with whom I practice practices and meditations to continue my healing process every day, physical and internal. Finally, a few months ago, the Universe put on my path a boy, an artist, with whom I am sharing for the first time in my life a healthy relationship made of sincere feeling and deep respect, two things that currently nourish my soul , whatever path this relationship will take in the future.

listen to yourself and give your heart a chance to make its way into your life

In light of my experience, I can only say that what the Healing Center of the "House of Life" reserves for those who put themselves on the line is an internal journey of fundamental importance for oneself. It is not a point of arrival but it is just the beginning of a new path, only if you have the courage to get in touch with your shadows and question old life mechanisms. It is a profound transformation process that one's Soul triggers in order to heal deep wounds and begin to shine in its full potential. Aset and Horus will accompany you with Love on this journey, both during and after the trial, starting from the magical place of Ancient Egypt.

What I can suggest is what I tried to do: listen to yourself and give your heart a chance to make its way into your life.

Eleonora Vittorini Orgeas EVO – Healing Artist Italy 

The heights and depths we reached as a group

Hathor Healing Voice 2022 

‘The best retreat I have ever been part of in my life! I cannot recommend this retreat enough. The heights and depths we reached as a group together and individually were life changing!' 

Finola McFadden Ireland

learning moments with knowledge of Ancient Egypt

Hathor Healing Voice 2022

'If you need nourishment for the soul, then this trip is right for you. In terms of organization, program, learning moments, knowledge of Ancient Egypt, experience, variety and beautiful musical moments, it was a great trip.

There is also plenty of opportunity to visit temples and special places. And all this under the heart-warming and inspiring leadership of Yvon/Aset Taken. The House of Life hotel with nice rooms, swimming pool, delicious food and friendly wait staff is also recommended.

Angela Becht Netherlands

connect with our Healing Voice in magical places

Hathor Healing Voice 2022

My name is Chantal, I am now 42 years old.

At the House of Life (Horus van Abydos and Yvon/Aset Taken) I took the Hathor Healing Voice course, the very first one given in September 2022. I was already introduced the year before with special sound experiences in my practice. I had been looking for what exactly this was for a long time. Through Yvon/Aset I learned that this is the Healing Voice. I wanted more background knowledge, depth in working with the Healing Voice and I got that.

The weeks were intense, we did a lot and the Spirits were good to us, everything went well. The entire trip was fantastically organized and Yvon/Aset is an absolute star... not only with her knowledge and experience in Egypt, but also in deploying resources where they are needed.

We saw a lot and were able to connect with our Healing Voice in magical places. Horus of Abydos also had his input. I went deep, enjoyed it and gained new insights. Discovered how powerful my Healing Voice is and which Gods I am connected to. Everything is more deeply embedded and the Sisters with whom I did this course… were also magical.

We were a mixed group, each with our own contribution. Mutual respect, serious but also a lot of laughter. Tears have been shed and deep parts healed. I am so grateful to have experienced this and so wonderful, the bedding that Yvon/Aset (and Horus of Abydos) have created in the beautiful House of Life... unprecedented. I would go again in a heartbeat to go even deeper! Thank you very much Yvon/Aset and the wonderful fellow students with whom this trip was even more beautiful.'

Chantal Dorfel Netherlands

This journey has touched me so deeply

Hathor Healing Voice 2023

A new door has opened for me! The fight within myself has stopped and peace has been made. I now walk forward with confidence because I know that I live completely from my heart and listen to my own truth.

Learning about ancient Egypt and the ancient Mystery schools in the most sacred places of that time has made it clear to me that I want to contribute in my own way to a world in which this knowledge is remembered.

This journey has touched me so deeply and it is certainly not the end but rather a new beginning.

Mila Jade Kuppens Belgium.

The Hathor Healing Voice is able to purify something within yourself.

Hathor Healing Voice 2023

The Hathor Healing Voice is able to purify something within yourself. I actually didn't believe in it but it works beautifully! Through Aset we were encouraged to sing and we were guided through unknown fields and stadiums, so that we click click click came into contact with our sadness and pain and we were able to free and heal our souls. Instead, my joy and self-confidence in who I really am deep down came back.

We have healed ourselves and each other with our Healing Voice. I hope that many more Hathor Healing Voices will follow.

Gotlind Freytag Germany.

I feel much more strongly about what I am here for

Hathor Healing Voice 2023

It was a beautiful healing journey to the power places of ancient Egypt, and very deeply within. I am so grateful Aset! For everything you have done and endured to make this place available to us, for your enormous love and the (physical and spiritual) foundation you gave us to grow. It has brought me even closer to myself and I now feel much more strongly about what I am for, here, now.

I have been deeply touched by singing together (and traveling, discovering, swimming, eating, playing...), with beautiful wise women at different points in their physical lives.

Manorama van de Panne Netherlands.

It's true and it was and is like coming home for me. 

Online Course Ancient Egyptian Healing 2023

Dear Yvon/Aset, Thank you for this beautiful and clear report. And above all, many thanks for this wonderful journey where I have been touched on so many levels, but I am also gaining more and more inner clarity and peace.

It is very strange how all the unrest of the past period falls into place and I see the connections. Thank you for your advice on the tantric path, and the process of receiving/clarifying knowledge has already begun.

I really get instructions on how I can start working from this wisdom. It's so wonderful, Yvon, it's as if veils have been lifted. I notice that it continues to work and can deepen more and more.

I also really liked the online training because the way you deliver it suits me very much, very intuitive, also based on what is needed at that moment. It's true and it was and is coming home for me. I wait and follow with surrender where the path goes and in any case sincerely hope to meet you live. Lots of love.

Dorian Korts Netherlands

This is more than just a learning experience

Online Course Ancient Egyptian Healing 2023

“Energy and vibration are the constituents of our entire reality, including space and time. So even at a distance, this learning path is a gateway to ancient practices and the cosmic energies known as 'Neteru'.

Participating in this course has the potential to become a deeply transformative experience for your life and consciousness if you approach it with sincere dedication and a desire to be a vessel of light and wisdom. This dedication is not only about personal transformation, but also about restoring harmony within yourself and in the world around you.

Furthermore, this course offers the unique opportunity to connect with the Per Ankh members, or 'House of Life', in Abydos. This group is known for their sincere dedication and integrity. By working with them Getting in touch can greatly enhance your journey and give you access to powerful teachings and materials, especially if your soul resonates with the path of ancient Kemet.

This is more than just a learning experience; it is an opportunity to continue your spiritual journey with like-minded individuals and delve deeper into the wisdom of the ancients.”

Carlos Santos Spain

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