The Beauty, the Love, the Healing and the Music inside ourselves 

Hathor Healing Retreat program

Every year the House of Life Healing Centre offers a special healing retreat program. We like to dedicate all our programs to Goddess Hathor. The energy of the Goddess Hathor, which we know also belong to the energy of the Goddess Isis, represent the beauty, the love, the healing, the dance and the music inside ourselves. Her presence alone already heales us from depressions and heavyness inside our souls. Therefore, we would like to call this healing retreat The Hathor Healing Retreat. 

Focus on personal themes and spiritual development 

Hathor Healing Retreat

Do you have a deep yearning to experience and visit Ancient Egypt? Maybe you have the feeling you would like to find a space to reflect on reoccurring themes in your life that hamper your optimal functioning? Maybe your physical condition is in need of some extra care. The House of Life has especially designed the Hathor Healing retreat to focus on personal themes and spiritual development of each participant.

Ancient healing treatments and meditations

Personal spiritual enrichment 

The basis of Hathor Healing retreat is to visit and absorb the uniqueness of this ancient Egyptian civilization, which is still so tangible today. At the same time, the stay in Hotel Healing Centre House of Life, meditations, healings, massages and sound concerts at earth energy sites are all part and parcel to personal spiritual enrichment. Aset and Horus are present to guide you through these developmental processes.

We offer the Hathor Healing Retreat as a fourteen day stay. Days 1 and 14 are the travel days. It is also possible to do the Hathor Healing Retreat as a ten-day course. Days 1 and 10 are the travel days.

Travel dates 2024 & 2025

Dates and Fees Hathor Healing Retreat 2024

April 18th - May 1th ( 14 days) 

October 3th - October 16th ( 14 days) 

Dates and Fees Hathor Healing Retreat 2025

April 17th - April 30th ( 14 days) 

October 3th - October 16th ( 14 days) 

The Hathor Healing Retreat can take place if there are minimum two and maximum eight participants.

Single room 14 days € 3500, - (euro) or $ 3815, - (USD)

Single room 10 days € 2500, - (euro) or $ 2725, - ( UDS) 

The Hathor Healing Retreat is offered full board, inclusive all the hotel accommodation, temple tickets, transport and the complete healing and coaching program. 

It does not include airfare to Egypt, visa, travel insurence.  

Important note: 

The House of Life is built to be a healing centre. We are following the policy that everybody should get the chance to follow the House of Life healing programs. If you are not in the financial position to pay the fee of the Hathor Healing Journey, please contact us. 

Program Hathor Healing Retreat 

Program Hathor Healing Retreat 

Day 1
Arrival Luxor. We will stay in Luxor for two nights.

Day 2
We will visit the Valley of the Kings and the Temple of Hatshepsut.

Day 3
We visit the impressive Temple of Karnak. We will meditate in the chapel dedicated to the goddess Seghmet. We visit Luxor temple. After lunch we leave for Abydos.

Day 4 - 13

We regularly visit and stay at the Healing Temple of Sety I and the Ramsess II Temple. We also visit Khum El Sultan and Shunta El Zebib and the memorial stela dedicated to Omm Sety. We will meditate in the Horus and Isis/Hathor chapels of the House of Life and work on our process. There are regular meetings with Aset and Horus where information is shared and processes are discussed. Massages, foot baths, sound healing and healing rituals are offered.

Day 7

We visit the Hathor Temple in Dendera.

Day 9

We visit Merit Amun in Achmiem and the White and Red Monastery and the museum in Sohag

Day 10 - 13

We continue to work on the process and integrate everything.

Day 14

Departure to Luxor airport.

We reserve the right to change the itinerary.


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