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House of Life Online Coaching

Passing on the healing knowledge of the ancient Egyptians and what this can mean for us humans in 2021 is one of our great loves and deep missions. Since 2008 we are doing this with a lot of love and passion trough our programs we are offering in the House of Life. We would like to add another option, the House of Life online Coaching.

restoring inner balance & inner strength & authenticity

Healers & Therapists 

As Ancient Egyptian Healers and therapists we are interested in the soul of our fellow human beings and we like to dedicate ourselves in a loving way to see if energies are active in the deeper layers that have a blocking effect. We therefore like to contribute from a distance to develop and restore the inner strength and stimulate the self-healing capacity that we all possess. Therefore, restoring inner balance, developing inner strength and authenticity will always be the goals that will be worked on.

view of humanity as used by the ancient Egyptians

Why this way of coaching?

The need to actively use this way of online coaching has arisen because for years we have often been looking at life situations remotely in which our advice is requested. In the end, this watching always became a process in which we used our years of experiences as Ancient Egyptian Healers and in which Aset used her qualities as a music therapist and tarot expert. Knowledge and experiences that go back to the view of humanity as used by the ancient Egyptians and which are so inspiring for us. So inspiring that it has now grown into an awareness-raising process and a process-based way of working.

The Ba & The Ka & The Light & The Darkness 

De Ba & De Ka

Our online coaching is therefore strongly linked to the knowledge of the ancient Egyptians. In particular, the knowledge about the Ba & the Ka as used by the ancient Egyptians. That's why an important part of our coaching work is first about sharing the knowledge about what is meant by the Ba & the Ka and secondly how a process of awareness is set in motion to recognize these two 'spirit aspects' in ourselves. The third step is to acknowledge how these two aspects works through us and what influences they can have on our daily life. 

clean up & purify & restore & grow

Rediscovering the right balance in us

The last step is that we have gained insights in the process of who we are, what can possibly be cleaned up, what we can clarify in order to finally achieve recovery so that we can continue to grow again. It is addressing our self-healing capacity, daring to acknowledge our inner wisdom, restoring inner strength and growing towards true authenticity. Man Dare to Live!

work goals & points for attention & online contact moments

How are we going to work together?

Our online coaching always starts with a digital appointment through whatsapp, E-mail, Zoom or Messenger. During this online digital conversation we try to explore whether we can help each other. If it turns out that this is the case, a questionnaire will come to you that you can fill in. From our conversation and from your answers to the questions, the points for attention and work goals are identified and we get to work together. In principle, the online coaching therefore consists of the first digital conversation, writing down the points for attention and work goals and seven follow-up online coaching moments, finally with a written final advice. In total, this concerns ten contact moments.

the value of the spoken, written and read word

Contact & duration

Our online contacts last one hour and will initially be every two weeks but can be adjusted as needed. The online coaching sessions take place through computer, laptop, mobile, zoom and whatsapp. E-mail contact is important for sharing information and is also used to work process-based. After all, the effect of the written and the read word has its own unique value.

one-time coaching contact 

One-time coaching contact

If you want a one-time contact and advice, it is always possible to request a one-time online coaching session.

healings & rituals from ancient Egypt

The pillars on which our coaching rests

The pillars on which our way of coaching rests is our deep knowledge and connection with ancient Egypt and the many years of experiences we have in our healing work. It's our great love and compassion gained in creating and building the very special project here in Abydos Egypt, the Hotel Healing center House of Life. A hotel cum healing and retreat center in which we have been working since 2008 with the knowledge, healing methods and rituals from ancient Egypt and is closely linked to the legendary Omm Sety and the knowledge of the ancient Egyptian mystery schools.

cosmological knowledge

The House of Life & its Spiritual Vow

Since 2008 we, the Egyptian healer Horus of Abydos and the Dutch musictherapist and healer Yvon/Aset, are working together in the House of Life. Since that time we are dedicating our energies and spiritual vow to Osiris, sealed in 2008 in the small Osiris chapel in the temple of Sety I in Abydos. We did this to create and develop the House of Life to work with the Ancient Egyptian Healings, the ancient cosmological knowledge and the healing rituals of the ancient Egyptians.

Osiris & Isis & Horus & Hathor & Seghmet & Bastet 

Working with the male and female principle

Since then we are working with the energy of Horus and Hathor which bounds and protects us. With love, passion and compassion and the help of Osiris, Isis, Horus, Hathor, Bastet, Seghmet, both our families and all Universal forces, we have build up the materialistic as well as the inner House of Life in which we also created the Ancient Egyptian Healing training which became a trajectory of personal healing and spiritual healing. So many guests has already participated in the Hathor Healing Retreat and expierended the so intense sand healing. It is the joint, inspired cooperation, connection and healing and guidance of the House of Life in the masculine and feminine principle. 

the principles of the house of life

Loving energy

The loving energy of the House of Life lives on in us and we continue to propagate the principles of the spiritual House of Life based on love and integrity, wherever in the world. It means that our aim is to be spiritual pure and honest and that we want to be love carrying servants to those on this Earth who need our support and seek for healing, like the House of Life, the Per Ankh in ancient Egypt which was connected to the so special temple of Sety I in Abydos.

Omm Sety & the Ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools

The House of Life as a source of inspiration

The House of Life, like the Per Ankh, the great example for Horus and Aset in 2008, is based on the ideas of Omm Sety as a source of inspiration, a goal that we have strived for with so much dedication and love to create and realize it and which we succeeded it to built in the form of the current beautiful Hotel Healing Center House of Life in Abydos and its dedicated team. This enormously intense process of many years has given us the opportunity to develop the knowledge that is directly related to Omm Sety and the ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools.

Costs and compensation

The costs for the traject of ten coaching sessions is € 1000, - or $ 1100, - 

The costs for one online coaching session of one hour is € 120 or $ 130, - . 

we will contact you as soon as possible 

How to contact us

Do you have the feeling that we can help you and you want to start the House of Life online coaching or do you have other questions, please send us an email by using the contact form and we will answering you as soon as possible. 

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