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Bread to share 

Newsletter July 2020

Two newsletters one month apart, that must be real news! That is also true!

The House of Life is open again. 

The first news is that the House of Life is fortunately open again. It has received the official health certificate from the Ministry of Tourism since this week. It indicates that the House of Life meets all new requirements and rules regarding the prevention of the spread of the corona virus set by the Ministry and which hotels must meet in order to reopen to receive guests.

The week of Abydos in the Netherlands was so succesful.

The second news is to tell you how successful and heartwarming The Week of Abydos 2020 has been in the Netherlands. Despite and perhaps thanks to the corona crisis, it turned out to be a wonderful week in which not only the education project with two children could be extended to now 32 children, but it also appeared from scratch it seemed, a completely new project.

Read our report here.

Those who really know the village of Abydos from the inside know that there are several families living there under hard circumstances that they deserve extra support. Every day we see on TV how the economic consequences of the corona pandemic are currently affecting countries worldwide. It is always the families who have already a had time who are first hit and who immediately experience the consequences. Similarly in Abydos. There is suffering in silence because there is shame. In silence they hope for help from the immediate environment in anonymity.

It is often the families consisting of sick parents, widows and their children who cannot rely on the income of a spouse. Poverty, health problems and the often long-term concerns of making ends meet are the breeding ground for depression, which often results in the feeling that they have become second-class citizens.

As Foundation House of Life, we have been intensively addressing this in the past two weeks. Structural solutions are not readily available. This requires long-term social assistance projects. What is possible is to offer immediate help to meet the basic necessities of life. We did that and it is almost magical how it all went.

This is the result.

“Bread to Share”

We are a little quiet. We are silent out of wonder, almost speechless, and we are silent out of a deep sense of gratitude. What recently came to be born as a project born almost like a flash of lightning out of nowhere but out of a deep urge that this had to be done, it seems to be a project that is entirely revered by you. Thanks to your donations and cooperation, the counter shows that the Foundation House of Life Abydos can already let participate 12 families in the “Bread to Share” project not until the end of this year, but until the end of June next year! Incredibly beautiful!

For those who don't know yet. The Bread to Share project is a project that ensures that very poor families from Abydos, mostly widows with their children and families with sick parents, are provided with the flour that can be used to bake the daily bread. A 50 kg bag of flour costs around $ 12 or € 11, - . This allows these families to bake their bread for two weeks.

What is going on now shows that we can carry each other worldwide. That we can build a better world together. Don't think, "Poverty and shortages will never happen to me!" It can happen to you and it can just happen to you! Life with her circumstances can strike mercilessly! If at those moments when you really don't know what to do, people are there who want to help you, then that is a blessing without shame because Sharing of the Bread will provide on a completely different level a creation power that is unparalleled! A creative force that comes from all of us!!

We are a little quiet. We are silent out of wonder, almost speechless and silent out of a deep sense of gratitude that we are all working together on “Bread to Share”.

The Foundation House of Life Abydos ensures that every grain of wheat that is harvested finds the right soil for a better life. Every € 11 ensures that an Egyptian family in Abydos has “Bread to Share” for over two weeks.

St. Foundation House of Life Bank: Rabobank - IBAN: NL 94 Rabo 0111 3988 86 - BIC: RABONL2U - The Netherlands 

Thank you Foundation House of Life Abydos.

With this wonderful promotion we close this extra newsletter. The foundation continues to work tirelessly to be there for the poor inhabitants of Abydos. Please keep an eye on the website. In the coming period we will be working on our Foundation House of Life donation button to make donating even easier and we will publish an overview of the projects that we as a foundation would like to dedicate ourselves to and in which the families from Abydos can participate in.

Posted by House of Life on 8 June 2020

Foundation House of Life charity work 

Corona crisis & Abydos Week June 2020 newsletter

The Week of Abydos in the Netherlands 2020,

We had almost already resigned that there would be no Week of Abydos in the Netherlands in 2020. The global corona crisis has been very intense in recent months. It has been months when many decisions had to be made. It has ensured that almost all plans have been updated for this year. Egypt has also been in a lockdown since March 19. For the House of Life it means that it is temporarily closed. The many canceled stays have financial consequences for the House of Life, but also for the beautiful development in which the House of Life was located. Everything has come to a standstill. It feels very sad.

The first hotels in the seaside resorts on the Red Sea and inland are being carefully reopened. We have the hope to reopen the House of Life in two weeks. It is still unclear when Egypt will again allow foreign tourists and when foreign governments will consider Egypt as safe enough to travel to.

Like everywhere else in the world, the corona crisis has had major economic consequences. It is often the poorest who are hit first and who experience the consequences first. This also affects the poor families in Abydos. More than ever, the help of the Foundation House of Life is desired to provide help where possible. We are happy and proud that we always succeed! That our donors remain loyal to us with a monthly, periodic and or annual contribution so that we ensure that we can help thirty families from Abydos where necessary and what is in our power. We are sincerely grateful to you as a donor for that!

In addition to the activities program that we offer during The Week of Abydos ( Dutch translation) in the Netherlands and in which everyone can participate, we offer our regular donors in the Netherlands a special and free donation pampering day on Saturday 20 June in the nature garden of Sjef and Yvon Taken Muldersweg 3 in Ruurlo.

This day will start at 11:00 with a welcome and coffee / tea and cake and we will update what the foundation has been able to do in the past year. At 1:30 PM. there will be an interesting lecture given by Wim Roskam about the Akaija. The Akaija is a jewel and a healing tool. It is also a harmonizer of energy fields. It is also related to an ancient design that encompasses the entire Earth and is anchored in power places and giant stones. Wim Roskam will tell you how he developed the Akaija and how you can use the jewelry.

We continue the day with making music.

The day will end at 6:00 PM with a meal and a drink by the fire.

If you are not a regular donor, but you would like to attend this day, you are also very welcome. With your free gift afterwards, we hope, together with all the other gifts, to help the poor families in Abydos. If you are already enthusiastic and want to sign up, send us a message. If you want to help us financially, every donation is welcome on the following bank account number:

Name: St. Foundation House of Life Abydos - Bank: Rabobank the Netherlands - IBAN: NL 94RABO 0111398886 - BIC: RABONL2U

Thank you very much….


In the Netherlands the Foundation House of Life Abydos has the ANBI Status.

We observe all agreements that the Dutch society have made regarding to the corona virus. For this reason, we cannot receive more than thirty visitors and a sign up is necessary. We hope to welcome you to one of the workshops and activities and to the pampering day.

Your hostesses during The Week of Abydos will be Annelies Bastian and Yvon Taken.

Posted by House of Life on 8 December 2019

Foundation House of Life, We cannot give without your support! This remains is our motto!

House of Life December Newsletter

Dear House of life friends,

The last month of the year 2019 has arrived. It is the month par excellence to look back. What did the year 2019 brings you? What did 2019 brings the House of Life this year?

With gratitude we can say that the year 2019 has been a nice and positive year. A year in which we were able to continue building on what you might call a dream: "The Dream of the Past". A place our legendary Omm Sety once dreamed of. A place she loved so much because it was important to her that the knowledge of the ancient Egyptians should not be lost. A dream that we have been able to realize through years of hard work, perseverance and by staying focused.

With the beautiful Sety Temple in the background, the House of Life has become a place where you can imagine yourself back in the ancient times of Egypt. A place where your soul can really unwind. Where you can pay attention to themes in yourself that have been waiting so long to be seen and heard. A place where you can investigate, restore or strengthen your personal connection with ancient Egypt. It is a place where you can develop spiritually to work with the healing knowledge that the ancient Egyptians have left behind for us.

We are therefore grateful that with our team we have again been able to support and coach various guests during the Hathor Healing Retreat and the Training Ancient Egyptian Healing. We will return to this topic later in this newsletter.

House of Life Healing Conference 2019

The ancient Egyptians experienced everything around them as a unity. Abydos was for them - and still is for us - the Holy City of ancient Egypt. For that reason we have brought in March the archaeological knowledge of ancient Egypt, the meanings of the beautiful Egyptian art forms, the deeper symbolic language of these art forms and the ancient Egyptian healing knowledge together in the form of the first organized House of Life Healing Conference. We can look back on a wonderful event! Did you miss it? Here you can enjoy an impression again. Please click on this link:

House of Life Healing Conference 2019

Foundation House of Life Abydos:

For the tenth time this year, the Foundation House of Life has been able to support the Abydos education project. This year, for the first time in years, the foundation was also able again to support the development of the Healing Center House of Life. Read on.

Abydos educational project:

The economic situation in Egypt has never been more difficult for the poor part of the population than in recent years. Inflation on inflation has caused food and other basic necessities to rise in prices to almost unaffordable prices. For the poor population it is becoming a true nightmare. More than ever, the financial support that we can give to these poor families is necessary. That is why we are pleased that in September the foundation could again provide a group of thirty children from Abydos with the school uniform, sports clothing, normal clothing, footwear, backpack and writing materials so that they can be assured of good clothing again for a school year. This enabled us to relieve thirty poor families financially. Please continue to support the Abydos Education Project!

"Abydos the Great Healing Temple of Ancient Egypt" by Erica Rijnsburger and Horus van Abydos

Due to a special gift this year, the Foundation House of Life was also able to purchase fifty books "Abydos the Great Healing Temple of Ancient Egypt" for sale in the House of Life. As the purchase price goes back to the foundation, the foundation can ensure that the book will remain available for sale in the House of Life in the future.

In the Netherlands, where the Foundation House of Life in 2010 is established, we have managed this year to get the special ANBI status. Having this status in the Netherlands will help us in our work because especially compagnies can donate in an easy way. We could not have wished for a more beautiful gift and boost for our work over the past ten years!

The Foundation House of Life can therefore also look back on a wonderful year! The Foundation House of Life wants to thank everyone who has made a financial contribution in 2019 or who has cooperated on the other hand! We cannot give without your support! This remains is our motto!

What does the year 2020 have in store for us?

The year 2020 will start for us, of course, by welcoming all individual guests and groups who want to stay at the House of Life in private or through Egyptian tourist organizations to stay and to visit the Temple of Sety, the Osirion, the Ramsess II Temple, Shunta el Zebib, Khum El Sultan and the spectacular tomb of Senwosret III. In addition, the White Monestry, the Red Monestry, the largest statue ever created for a woman Merit Amun in Achmiem, the museum in Sohag with the various artifacts found in Abydos and the Temple of Hathor, are temples and places easy to visit as day trips while staying at the House of Life.

Hathor Heart Healing coaching programs in the House of Life 2020

Hathor Heart Healing will again ensure beautiful spiritual retreats and high-quality coaching programs at the House of Life in 2020.

February 2020:

In February 2020 we give special attention to celebrating the energy of the priestess. A special program has been compiled for this that is accessible to everyone. The participation costs have been kept as low as possible so that we hope that it is financially possible for many people. There are only three places available. So you can still participate! For the entire program click on this link. You can use the contact form to sign up.

Egypt, Roots of the Goddess ”

April 2020:

In April 2020 we hope to organize our second House of Life Healing Conference. After the so successful first healing conference, this second conference could not fail to happen. The program can be called unique. In addition to the presentations in the morning and the excursions in the afternoon, this time we also offer three healing courses in the areas of touch, breath and voice. They are offered in such a way that you can continue to work with them by yourself. You can view the entire program here:

House of Life Healing Conference 2020 program

If you want to register, click on this link:

Registration form House of Life Healing Conference 2020

July & October 2020

In July and October you have the opportunity to participate in the three-week intensive Hathor Healing Retreat and the Ancient Egyptian Healing course. We would like to inform you about the following.

As you know, Horus van Abydos and I Aset, have been working together since 2009 and over the past eleven years we have delivered an almost superhuman performance, namely the construction of the material and immaterial House of Life in Abydos.

If our love for the House of Life and for the Healing work, for which the House of Life was built, would have had not been so great and not so deep, we would never have sustained this and we would not have been able to cope with so many difficulties and worries. Both our families would not have been able to continue supporting us in this way.

We would also not have been able to do our healing work for our guests literally selflessly for all these years.

Now after eleven years we have come to the moment that we need also to take care of ourselves. Partly due to the enormous inflation and price increases in Egypt, we have arrived at the point where we have decided to increase the participation costs for the intensive guidance, coaching and aftercare that are included in the Hathor Healing Retreat and the Ancient Egyptian Healing training. 

We hope that you understand the increase of the participation costs. We hope you understand that guiding our guests and performing healing work is intensive and intense, sometimes difficult and not without danger for us!

We know that the programs and the joint healing work that Horus van Abydos and I Aset offer, together with our team in the House of Life, is unique and carries great quality.

Participating in the Hathor Healing Retreat is essentially offering yourself a great gift that goes many times deeper than any material gift.

The decision to participate in the Ancient Egyptian Healing I - II - III healing training means that your spiritual healing qualities and your life will put on the right track. In it, many soul qualities and layers within yourself will provide clarity about your life and it will develop deeply your authentically and personal spiritual strenght. 

Horus van Abydos and I, Aset, together with our House of Life team we love our work. We are looking forward to see you as Abydos calls your soul. We would like to welcome you if you are looking for a place for your own spiritual development and your physical and mental well-being, but above all the House of Life is a place where we warmly welcome everyone..

Do you have any questions or suggestions? Do not hesitate to contact us. 

Love & Light, Horus van Abydos & Aset & House of Life team.

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