Posted by House of Life on 16 September 2020

Book Per Ankh - House of Life by Margreet Merenit de Boer

The book 'Per Ankh-House of life,' written by the Dutch writer Margreet de Boer, has now been translated into English and released as an ebook.

In this book she describes her experiences of her travelings to Egypt in a wonderful and impressive story. She takes the reader back into ancient Egypt, the time of Achnaton.

You can order it at.

Also check out her website:

Margreet de Boer:

“After this journey I came across the Dutch music-therapist and healer Yvon/Aset Taken by ‘coincidence’. Together with Horus from Abydos, the adopted son of Omm Sety ( Dorothy Eady) she established the House of Life in Abydos.

The House of Life is a training and retreat centre for Ancient Egyptian Healing in Abydos. For years, Omm Sety taught the paranormally gifted Horus the Ancient Egyptian cleansing rituals and healing methods, until she died in 1981. He in turn transferred his knowledge to Aset.

Since 2008 Horus and Aset are working closely together to develop the House of Life. They are guiding and coaching together with a team of Egyptian staff members, the House of Life guests during their healing and retreat programs.

The town of Abydos is located 200 kilometres from Luxor. In ancient times it was a place of pilgrimage for the god Osiris, of which some claim that he was buried for some time in the mysterious Osirion, located behind the temple of Sety I. This area has telluric lines, making this place on earth a ‘star gate’.

Initially I did not go to Egypt to take part in the training. I wanted to go there to meditate in a small group in the ancient temples. During the meditation assignments I had the wonderful experience that my soul started to reconnect with this mystical country. In several places I was able to indicate what had happened there. After ten days of traveling I was convinced that I knew this country on a soul level.

When I asked Yvon if I could still participate in the training Ancient Egyptian Healing, she told me I could. Back then I did not realise what I was getting into exactly. I remember thinking that now I had a legitimate reason to return back to Abydos...”

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