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Corona crisis & Abydos Week June 2020 newsletter

The Week of Abydos in the Netherlands 2020,

We had almost already resigned that there would be no Week of Abydos in the Netherlands in 2020. The global corona crisis has been very intense in recent months. It has been months when many decisions had to be made. It has ensured that almost all plans have been updated for this year. Egypt has also been in a lockdown since March 19. For the House of Life it means that it is temporarily closed. The many canceled stays have financial consequences for the House of Life, but also for the beautiful development in which the House of Life was located. Everything has come to a standstill. It feels very sad.

The first hotels in the seaside resorts on the Red Sea and inland are being carefully reopened. We have the hope to reopen the House of Life in two weeks. It is still unclear when Egypt will again allow foreign tourists and when foreign governments will consider Egypt as safe enough to travel to.

Like everywhere else in the world, the corona crisis has had major economic consequences. It is often the poorest who are hit first and who experience the consequences first. This also affects the poor families in Abydos. More than ever, the help of the Foundation House of Life is desired to provide help where possible. We are happy and proud that we always succeed! That our donors remain loyal to us with a monthly, periodic and or annual contribution so that we ensure that we can help thirty families from Abydos where necessary and what is in our power. We are sincerely grateful to you as a donor for that!

In addition to the activities program that we offer during The Week of Abydos ( Dutch translation) in the Netherlands and in which everyone can participate, we offer our regular donors in the Netherlands a special and free donation pampering day on Saturday 20 June in the nature garden of Sjef and Yvon Taken Muldersweg 3 in Ruurlo.

This day will start at 11:00 with a welcome and coffee / tea and cake and we will update what the foundation has been able to do in the past year. At 1:30 PM. there will be an interesting lecture given by Wim Roskam about the Akaija. The Akaija is a jewel and a healing tool. It is also a harmonizer of energy fields. It is also related to an ancient design that encompasses the entire Earth and is anchored in power places and giant stones. Wim Roskam will tell you how he developed the Akaija and how you can use the jewelry.

We continue the day with making music.

The day will end at 6:00 PM with a meal and a drink by the fire.

If you are not a regular donor, but you would like to attend this day, you are also very welcome. With your free gift afterwards, we hope, together with all the other gifts, to help the poor families in Abydos. If you are already enthusiastic and want to sign up, send us a message. If you want to help us financially, every donation is welcome on the following bank account number:

Name: St. Foundation House of Life Abydos - Bank: Rabobank the Netherlands - IBAN: NL 94RABO 0111398886 - BIC: RABONL2U

Thank you very much….


In the Netherlands the Foundation House of Life Abydos has the ANBI Status.

We observe all agreements that the Dutch society have made regarding to the corona virus. For this reason, we cannot receive more than thirty visitors and a sign up is necessary. We hope to welcome you to one of the workshops and activities and to the pampering day.

Your hostesses during The Week of Abydos will be Annelies Bastian and Yvon Taken.

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