Unique retreat Oneness with Amon 

‘Oneness with Amun Ra’

12 - 17 November 2023

By Erica Rijnsburger & Yvon Taken 

Oldest wisdom places in the world.

The town of Abydos has been a place of pilgrimage for more than 6,000 years for contemplation, reflection, retreat, healing and healing of body, mind and soul. Once a holy city and spiritual center visited by thousands of pilgrims every year, it is now a hidden desert spot where it is still a good place to stay. In Abydos are the temples of Sety I and Ramses II, dedicated to the cult of Osiris, the God of Resurrection. The inscriptions in both temples are of incredible quality and depict numerous non-dual experiences. The Temple of Sety I is still renowned for its healing influence on our spiritual, physical, emotional and mental levels.

Abydos, home of Omm Sety 

The legendary Omm Sety 

Abydos is also the home of the legendary Omm Sety, once born Dorothy Eady in London. As a child, she fell down the stairs in her parental home and slipped into a deep coma. After waking up from that, she was sure she belonged not in England but in Egypt. When she is an adult, she manages to arrange to live and work in Cairo. From there, at the age of 52, she ends up in her beloved Abydos where she helps and supports numerous archaeological teams with deciphering hieroglyphics and restoration of temples. Everyone who meets her is deeply impressed by her formidable knowledge of the history of ancient Egypt. She passed away in April 1981 and luckily much of her work has been preserved and can be found on House of Life programs.

The journey of your awakening 

The oldest healing place in the world.

For this retreat we will use the deep healing energies of Abydos as place of pilgrimage and the healing Temple of Seti I. You will tune in into the old knowledge, the cradle of our mankind, because it is Egypt where our heritage is coming from, through the Greek and Roman cultures. You will open yourself for the mission of your Soul and you will work with your own Kundalini energy.

experienced trainers and teachers

By whom?

This retreat is facilitated by Erica Rijnsburger and Yvon Taken in cooperation with the House of Life Healing Centre. Both are very experienced trainers and teachers in the old wisdom. Yvon is for more than 15 years working with Horus from Abydos, spiritual wisdom keeper of the Egyptian heritage. Yvon and Horus did all kinds of healing programs in the House of Life and throughout the different sacred place in Egypt. Erica is a well known coach and writer in the field of non-duality. She wrote two books on the ancient wisdom of Egypt with help of Yvon and Horus.

Your investment  


Your investment for this program is as follows:

Full board single room from Sunday afternoon till Friday afternoon is 650 euro or 715 USD.

Full Board double room from Sunday afternoon till Friday afternoon is 500 euro or 550  USD a person.

It's possible to stay Half Board or B&B. Please check the brochure. 

Retreat program is 850 euro or 930 USD.

Not included are costs for:

Your visa into Egypt. The visa fees are about 25 - 35 dollar or euros depending on the exchange Rate of the moment.

Traveling to and from Abydos.

Four Temple Tickets. One ticket at this moment is about 5 euro or 6 USD.

Water, tea, coffee, soft drinks during the day and evening.

Excursion Dendera on Sunday.

Egyptian healing massages in House of Life, like full body massage or healing foot bath.

And other personal shopping.

Furthermore: if you like, we can organize that you are being picked up from the airport to a hotel in Luxor and your transport to and from Abydos from Luxor. Feel free to ask for more information.

Program Oneness with Amon 

Brochure & Program Oneness with Amon 

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a once in a lifetime yourney 

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