Online Course Ancient Egyptian Healing 

The year 2020 was for us, like for so many people worldwide, a year of changing and tranformation. Suddenly the life couldn't go on in the way we lived our life until then. It was a year of repentance and contemplation, a forced period of rest that also brought us a lot of good. We were aware that many cannot travel to Egypt without further ado. We had been aware for some time that many also missed the opportunity to get acquainted with the Ancient Egyptian Healing training. The past year has stimulated us to look at new possibilities for introducing the knowledge of the ancient Egyptians to several people worldwide. That is why we are currently working on an online course Ancient Egyptian Healing in which we will offer our knowledge in a different way than we are used to and the participant will still be included in a healing development process. 

As soon we are ready with the online course Ancient Egyptian Healing we will anounce it here.   

We are there for all of you 

The Gab 

'Trust and don't loose the sensitivity of a young child. You will be lead by the Gab. You will be lead by the forces of the spiritual world who are there for those who are searching and looking for the holy knowledge inside themselves. Don't be afraid, we are there for all of you. We are walking beside you'. 

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