‘Illuminate your Life's Dance with Ritual Embodiment’’

Sacred Dance Retreat September 16th - 30th 2021

We are so honored to offer this special sacred dance retreat in cooperation with sacred dance performer and dance therapist Amber Joy Rava and producer Wendy Brugman. How exciting to invite you to our dream come true!  

In our retreat, we dive deep into the ancestral lineage of the Gods and Goddesses of Egypt. Can you envision yourself sailing on the Nile while dancing, feeling the eb and flow of the great mysteries within? Can you feel the wind below your wings while flying our magic carpet to the temples of Isis, Hathor, Sekhemt and beyond? Can you feel a deep Yes rising from your belly when reading these lines?

Then you are the one we want to share this space with!
Join us on our intimate and wildly transformative retreat to the healing lands of ancient Egypt!

13 Days Activating Ritual Dance in Ancient Temples

Open yourself wide For our Rites of Passage, embodying mythical stories and the archetypes of the divine.

We dance with such powerful myths and symbols, together we remember our sacred temple dance and song from within. As Amber guides us through the magic doors of Dance, we move from our heart to our body, discovering a new raw authentic power within.

Fresh stories come alive, while channeling the sacred design of our highest calling.

Aligning ourselves with the wisdom of such sacred land! Together we learn how to liberate our movements, and create our own rituals with celebrated dancer and powerful guide, Amber Joy Rava. Guiding us on daily practices to evolve from the inside out!

Combining forces with our master music therapist, sound healer & ancient Egyptian healer hostess Yvon/ Aset Taken at the House of Life. Toning and sounding daily help us to connect our unique expressions and expand memories of the soul. Together with her spiritual healing partner Horus from Abydos she will prepare and guiding you into the mysteries of the very ancient Egyptian healing dance ritual ‘The Zhar’.

Fresh stories come alive, while channeling the sacred design of our highest calling. 

This retreat is for you if you:

* SEEK to create ritual where ritual was born

* YEARN to experience Priestess Rites in their actual Temples

* WISH to dive deep into the Temple Dance Techniques with true Dancer of Light guidance

* DREAM to awaken your inner Goddess, embodying her wisdom and mystical knowledge with song and dance

* CRAVE the confidence to express your authenticity with grace and strength

* INSPIRE to align with your pure passion & life’s mission now

The empowering of your divine energy 

In this retreat you will learn:

* How to weave your personal story with ancient myths that empower.

* How to connect to your voice and the wondrous healing within your unique sound.

* How to invite divine playfulness expressing yourself with great Joy & authenticity

* How to align your breath with source energy, tapping into Light codes, harmonizing naturally

the ups and downs of life, into sweet healthy vitality every damn day!!!

* How to honor your unique process and embody your life's purpose.

* How to intimately experience the powerful lands of Egypt.

Together we align ourselves with the wisdom of such sacred land!   

We go deeper into:

* Personal rituals of beautification, preparing your temple for sacred embodiment.

* Creating your own personal dance, song ritual offering, to share in ceremony and beyond.

* Mysterious guidance, channeling, how to feel blessed and Aligned in this life, in this body.

Together we dance & sing on an Adventure of a Lifetime traveling aboard a magic carpet. Through the highlights of Ancient Egypt we put an intimate focus on HER.STORY. We celebrate the Priestesses who’s creativity moves through us and our cultures in mysterious ways.

An intimate container, held with great care, a deeply rooted journey with local female ‘QUEEN’ guidance, with a great knowledge of how to roll with the local culture, where all our processes, transfers, expressions are safe and welcome.

Togetherness is our SUPERPOWER!!!
Join us on this utterly transformative retreat and let Amber Joy Rava inspiring you in this beautiful video.

Sacred Dance Retreat 

Sacred Dance Retreat Program:

Day 1: September 16th 2021 Arriving at Luxor.

Day 2: September 17th
09:00 u Ceremonial opening
Visiting the Valley of the Queens, especially the Tomb of Nefertari. Visiting Hatsjepsoet temple

Day 3: September 18th
07:00 u Visiting Karnak temple. Blessings at the sacred lake. Special ceremony in the little temple of Ptah and Seghmet

Visiting Luxor temple. On our way to Abydos.

Day 4 until day 8: September 19th until September 23th
While staying in the House of Life we will daily experiences meditation sessions - sacred temple dance sessions – healing voice sessions – sound meditations - visiting the Sety I temple – The Ramsess II temple and area of the Osireion

Day 5 September 20th:
Full Moon Meditation in the evening

Day 6 September 21th
We will experiences the traditional Dance ritual The Egyptian Zhar. During the day we will prepare ourselves on this ritual. Horus and Aset will teach the ancient Egyptian knowledge of the Ba & the Ka.

Day 7 September 22th Integration of the Zhar ritual

Day 8 September 23th
Sunrise meditation & Sunset meditation on the roof.

Day 9: September 24th
Visiting the beautiful temple of the Goddess Hathor in Dendera. The temple of the divine sacred temple dance - the divine sacred music – the divine sacred songs and the divine sacred feminine energy.

Day 10: September 25th
In the early morning we will travel by train to Aswan. In the afternoon sailing on a falukka on the holy river Nile.

Day 11: September 26th
We will spend the day in the Temple of Isis on Philae island doing our sacred dances and our sacred singings.

Day 12: September 27th
We will travel by bus to the Horus temple in Edfu. We will connect ourselves with the masculine energy of the God Horus. After that we will continue our traveling back to Abydos by train.

Day 13: September 28th
We will take our rest. We sharing our experiences.

Day 14: September 29th
We will integrate the experiences of these 13 days Holy sacred Temple Dance Retreat through the final ritual.

Day 15: September 30th
In the early morning we will travel to Luxor to take the domestic flight to Cairo and to continue our travel back home.

She sets you on fire beyond your comfort zone

Amber Joy Rava 

Amber Joy Rava developed ‘Dancing the Divine Method' over 15 years, moving with life, birth, death, and rebirth. She stimulates her clients to evolve past their known potential, into their unique authenticity. She sets you on Fire way beyond your comfort zone, listening, feeling and connecting to ancient whispers of celestial celebration, her way is by spirit.

With knowledge to heal and transform she helps you to soften into your essence.

Amber established her school of dance ’Templo de Dança’ Brazil, Alto Paraiso in 2013.
From New York to India, Brasil, Europe and the far reaches, her Dancing the Divine method has touched many lives and her technique has taken on a life of its own, long term students are sharing in their own communities.

Amber Joy Rava is an International Sacred Fire Dancer and an honored Ritualist for International Weddings and Ceremonies throughout the globe for the past 20 years. She has Performed with Cirque Du Soleil and Various Entertainment Companies, from Brooklyn, New York,, now based in Brazil, touring around the globe to Awaken Goddess Fire.

A doula of Birth and Death, holding Spiritual Retreats for the past 20 years, her experience is vast.



You can find your Book of Life in Abydos 

Aset & Horus from Abydos 

Yvon/Aset is a music therapist, sound healer and ancient Egyptian healer. Her life is a mission she has fulfilled first in Holland and she has to fulfill now in Abydos, Holy City of ancient Egypt.

Together with her spiritual healing partner Horus from Abydos they are the co-founders of the current House of Life in Abydos, a healing Centre based on the thoughts of the legendary Omm Sety. Abydos is a holy spiritual place where you can find and experience a glimp of your ‘Book of Life’. Their mission is to purify the rainclouds around the Light of the Souls of the people who are in need of it, so they can become the person they were meant to be here on Earth. Horus and Aset are grateful to guiding you during your stay in ‘Egypt, the Motherland of so many Souls on Earth’. They feel grateful to guiding you during the very special ancient dance ritual ‘The Zhar” which comes from the God Oser, Aser, Asar, the oldest names for the God Osiris.

Horus from Abydos is an ancient Egyptian priest and healer pure sang. Since he was a young boy he is trained by the legendary Omm Sety ( Dorothy Eady) who recognized in him his ancient Egyptian spirit. Horus will introduce and guiding together with Aset the ancient Egyptian dance healing ritual The Zhar.

Dancing the Divine 

Wendy Brugman 

Wendy Brugman is a creative cameleon and has been working with Amber for some years now. After going on an intense and transformative month of private sessions with Amber in Brazil a lot changed! Feeling the differences she became passionate to help share her, ‘Dancing the Divine’ method. Already working together on a successful tour in Europe, various workshops as well as an extensive line of online courses. Nicknamed ‘Wendy Rainbow Bridges’ for their magical potential together!

On our Egyptian journey of dreams, Wendy will assist Amber and Yvon/Aset backstage with all detail. With her own experience working with women, she has a great emotional touch and sensitivity, experienced in holding, safe, sacred space, where everyone feels valued and cared for.

For any and all questions about this journey, feel free to contact her at; 


A once in a lifetime sacred dance experience

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