The Hathor Sand Healing 

Healing Retreat program

Note:Unfortunately, due to the decision of the authorities, sand healing is not possible until further notice. We really hope that in the near future we will be allowed to go to the desert of Abydos again to give this wonderful treatment.

Every year the House of Life Healing Centre offers a special healing retreat program. We like to dedicate all our programs like the healing retreat, the sand healing, the song retreat and the relaxation program to Goddess Hathor. The energy of the Goddess Hathor, which we know also belong to the energy of the Goddess Isis, represent the beauty, the love, the healing, the dance and the music inside ourselves. Her presence alone already heales us from depressions and heavyness inside our physical bodies and souls. Therefore, we would like to call our sand healing treatment The Hathor Sand Healing Treatment. 

a treatment that brings you back in time  

Hathor Sand Healing Treatment

The Hathor Sand Healings are burials in the hot desert sand and is a healing method that dates back to ancient Egyptian times. The person is buried horizontal and entirely covered with the desert sand heated by the sun, only the head remains free. It can be done only with the sand of a particular composition. This sand you can find in Abydos but also in other desert areas in Egypt.

A treatment for physical complaints  

The Hathor sand healing is a Summer treatment

The Hathor Sand healings can only be given in July and August because during these months the sun is the strongest to heated the sand in a deep level. The sand healing treatment is primarily an ancient healing remedy for physical complaints in the area of muscle problems, arthritis, rheumatic diseases and obesity. It also has a very nice side effect that it is a very special individual spiritual process in motion because buried in the sand is an experience in itself with a powerful effect on the deeper layers of our psyche and the spirit of man.

We are always near to you 


Temporarily you can not move your limbs, you can feel envelops bodily sensations and inner images calls. These images always connects with individual themes and issues. For that reason we are always near, even if only for an annoying fly to hunt, dabbing a face or sing a song to distract. On the other hand we are there to support, listen to experiences and sometimes we sit with pen and paper next to the person to write down the particular images and experiences.

herbal tea 

Body system

The burying takes 45 until 60 minutes. If one is removed from the sand, the person in question immediately covered by a jallabija and a blanket, not to cool down. A few cups of hot herbal tea ensure that the body system can discharge waste substances. In the sand can be found the fluids from the body which is removed from the tracks.

hard work for the body 

Physical and spiritual body 

A Hathor Sand Healing is hard work for the physical and spiritual body. Often people feel very tired when they come out of the sand. If the first fatigue is over and at least three cups of herbal tea are drunk we go home to take a shower and often there is a need to take rest. It lies on the physical condition how it is perceived.

Spiritually awake

Messages and consciousness

After showering and taking a rest the general experience of the person is that he/she feels physically ‘tired’ but spiritually awake. Besides the physical effect, the most impressing experiences for the persons are the deep layer of personal messages and consciousness which is wake up and spiritual touch the person.

Special support during the treatment

Emotional and mental support

A sand healing treatment consists of three times of the treatment, one day rest and another four sand healings. Besides that, Egyptian feet baths, body massages, a special diet and daily personal meetings with our team supports the person physically as well as emotional, mental and spiritual during the sand healing cure. 

Heaven and Earth

Um El Ga'ab

What makes a sand healing treatment in the desert of Abydos so special is that we have the privilege to do this in the vicinity of the tombs of the kings of the first three dynasties at Um El Ga'ab. Abydos is a very old place that force was elected in ancient Egypt as the place where Osiris was worshiped and it was understood that it is a star gate, a place where Heaven and Earth forces are meeting each other.

Two weeks Sand healing Treatments

Fee of the entire Sand Healing program

The fee of the two weeks Hathor Sand Healing Treatments is € 4000, - or $ 4750, - based on a stay in a single room in the Hotel House of Life full board, transport, templetickets and the entire healing program at the Healing Centre House of Life. 

Important note:

The House of Life was built to be a healing center. We therefore follow the policy that 5% of the coaching and training costs will go to the Foundation House of Life. By this policy we give those who cannot afford the full coaching and training costs a chance to follow the sand healing program for a reduced price. If this fund will not be used, the Foundation House of Life will spend the amount for social projects in the village of Abydos. See the objectives of the Foundation House of Life.

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