make a pilgrimage to Abydos

Spiritual Pilgrimage

The beautiful temple dedicated to Osiris and the rich historical sites of Abydos makes a visit to Abydos a very valuable experience and a reason to make a modern pilgrimage to this holy ancient city. Our team has great experiences in developing a complete and personal retreat program.

Let your Inner Light shine again 

Healing of the heart 

This personal development will help you when your own life doesn’t go in the way you had hoped it would, even though you tried your very best. It heals the parts of your heart and soul that suffer, so that your inner light can shine again.

Spiritual Wisdom and Knowledge 

Ancient Egyptian healing traditions 

It is a place where you can reconnect with the foundations of the spiritual wisdom and knowledge, that originates in ancient Egypt and before and lives within us. A place where you can immerse yourself in and develop skills of the ancient Egyptian healing tradition, which you can use for your own benefit and that of your fellow human beings.

reconnect with spiritual wisdom

How a pilgrimage to Abydos can help you

The House of Life is a place where your spirituality can develop and allowing you to feel more secure and stable within your position in life. We will guide your spiritual growth by teaching you how to strengthen and control what the ancient Egyptians referred to as “Ba” and “Ka”, the dual aspects of a human spirit.

Guiding your personal retreat  

Personal retreat program 

Our team has great experiences in developing a complete and personal retreat program for you and in guiding your personal process. If you're interested in a personal retreat program, please contact us with the form below.

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