Omm Sety never died 

The Wisdomn Teachings of Omm Sety

If we think that after the death of the legendary Omm Sety in 1981 we would never hear or feel or notice her presence and influence anymore, she or he is wrong. Omm Sety never died! What she predicted during her life became reality. Her wish to establish in Abydos again a House of Life like in ancient time, became true. 

Love will be the liquid. The opening of our Hearts will be the effect.

The time is there

After she died, step by step she brought the right people together and guided them. Now the time is there that she will speak again to all of us who wants to learn, who wants to remember, who wants to listen to the knowledge of the ancient Egyptians she loved so deeply and still wants to share with us. It will happen through inspiring words, thoughts, images and so important, through our hearts. Love will be the liquid. The opening of our Hearts will be the effect.

House of Life Abydos 

The journey of your awakening 

You are being called! 

‚ÄčThe extraordinary heights to which you can go are making their way to your consciousness now. Following the path toward this unfolding journey of your Awakening.  Are you prepared for the unsealing of your heart, revealing the fullness of your soul’s purpose?

Ma'at the Goddess of Truth 

Weighing of the Heart

In 1250 B.C. the Papyrus of Ani was created in the form of a scroll about the afterlife, where the heart is weighed.

If the heart is as light as a feather, the soul will ascend to Amenti, or Paradise, where there is no animosity or hatred. On one side of the scale, the feather is MAAT, the Goddess of Truth, Justice, and Love. On the other side is the heart of the person being judged. If the heart is heavier than the feather of MAAT, the person who is being judged will be eaten by Sokbet, the Crocodile. This brings a new incarnation into being to practice what they failed to learn in their previous incarnation.

the weighing of my heart 

A Prayer to Paradise

“My Heart, my Mother; my Heart, my Mother. My heart whereby I came into being. My Mer, the heart’s desire. May nothing stand up to oppose me at my judgement, the weighing of my heart on the scales. May there be no opposition to me in the presence of the God Osiris (the King of the Dead). May there be no separation in the presence of Osiris that keeps the balance. Keep my Ka that dwells in my body, keeping the spirit alive. Keep my Ba (soul). May I come into the place of happiness, Forever, into the place of Amenti.”

Three program options

The Wisdom Teachings of Omm Sety


Day 1: 
Arriving at Luxor.

Day 2: 
Visiting the Valley of the Queens, especially the Tomb of Nefertari. Visiting of the Valley of the Kings & Hatsjepsoet temple.

Day 3: 
Visiting of the Karnak temple especially the little temple of Ptah and Seghmet. Visiting of the Luxor temple.
On our way to Abydos.

Day 4 until day 7:
While staying in the House of Life we will experiences:

*  Visiting the Sety I temple

*  The Ramsess II temple

* The Osireion

* Meditation sessions

* The House of Life & the Omm Sety’s teachings

* Healing voice sessions

* Sound meditations

Day 8: 

By train to Aswan. In the afternoon sailing on the Nile.

Day 9: 

To Elephantine Island to visit the temple of Khnum.

To Philae Island to visit the temple of Isis

Day 10: 

By bus to the Temple of Horus in Edu. By bus to the railway station to travel back to Abydos.

Day 11: 

Visiting the monastery in Nag Hamadi....

Day 12: 

Visiting the beautiful temple of the Goddess Hathor in Dendera. The temple of the divine sacred temple dance - the divine sacred music – the divine sacred songs and the divine sacred feminine energy.

Day 13: 
We will take our rest. We sharing our experiences. We will close our stay in Abydos.

Day 14: 
In the early morning morning to the airport

Double room: € 3250, - or $ 3943, - USD

Single room: € 3595, - or $ 4363, - USD

The fee includes hotel accommodation, breakfast, lunch, diner, activity program, transportation belonging to the program, tickets and tips for the temples. 

Not include in the fee: The airplane ticket, visa, optional wellness and healing treatments, Covid 19 tests.  

a once in a lifetime yourney 

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